Hey, Its Blaise.

I decided to create a business customizing shoes. I love the idea of being unique, so I wanted to share this uniqueness with the world. In this business, people write me a list of what they want to be drawn on their shoes and I make that dream a reality. 

Business Description

So if you are interested all you need to do is email me a list of what you'd like on your shoes to the email provided below. (It's just my school email.) Then buy the shoes, white canvas, a good low-cost brand is Lugz. You can find them at this link. LUGZ. Then we can talk about where to meet to hand them off. If you'd like Vans they will cost considerably more but here's a link for them. VANS.  If you don't have shoes I can buy them for you but the overall cost will increase. A lot of people ask if the shoes will wash out in the rain. They're made with fabric markers so no, they won't wash out. But I wouldn't be stupid and like put them through the wash.


sizes mens7/ wmns 8 and  down- 25$

if you don't have shoes: +40$ for Lugz or +50$ for Vans

sizes mens 8/ wmns 9 and up-30$ *limited time offer

 if you don't have shoes: +50$ for Lugz or + 60$ for Vans


20$ all sizes

if you don't have the hat: +15$


35$ per portrait 

All I need from you is a black and white picture of you and I will do the rest

Quick Contact

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